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Next day & flexible dedicated door-to-door deliveries

Next day:

Next-day delivery or collection is an excellent cost effective service where we can offer some excellent discounted rates.

If we are able to collect the day before your item needs to be delivered but you still require a dedicated delivery as you need the assurance your item will still arrive safe, undamaged and on time, then this service is ideal for you.

Just because it’s a next day delivery it receives no less attention than if your items were being delivered on our  same day service, it’s just cheaper!

It’s also possible that this next day delivery will be delivered just as your customer opens their doors which would cost you a premium with a basic carrier.

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Flexible day:

Our flexible (economy) service is very popular and an extremely effective way to get those awkward, fragile and bulky items delivered and moved or even collected.

When we are in your area delivering through our core same day business we can then collect these flexible service items.  In doing this we can provide you with plenty of notice to get them ready and we will give the recipient plenty of notice also as to when we will be delivering them, which may be some days later on this service.

It may be a flexible service but you still have the assurance that your goods will not be damaged or lost as they are still being delivered door to door on a dedicated vehicle and usually well within 3 (three) working days.