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Multi Drop Delivery Service

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are a company or individual that sends out a number of items that require a multi drop delivery service and you further require the confidence and assurance that they are all delivered on the same day or within a certain time period, then we can collect them and deliver them all directly as dedicated deliveries.

This multi drop delivery service may be a regular occurrence for your company or a seasonal or marketing exercise.

A multi drop delivery to all your existing customer base or new prospective customers  ensuring your goods are all delivered on the same day is an excellent service for your marketing or sales team to follow up as they will be confident in the knowledge that the goods sent out have indeed been delivered the day before you follow it up.

Fragile items such as bottles of wine or other fragile items are very popular with this kind of multi drop same day service as it ensures they get to your customers undamaged.

Many national carrier companies use our multi-drop service when parcels have been miss sorted or are at the wrong delivery depot hundreds of miles away but still need to be delivered that day!

This is again just one of the many services we can offer.

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